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Get to know Your Thermostat

The thermostat on your air conditioning/heating system is the most obvious part of your system. It is probably located in the hallway of your home or some other central area. Homes with multiple systems have more than one. Many of us enjoy reading the thermostat when we are feeling warm or cold, and some models include time and temperature. I read mine at times to find out what time it is! The Temperature Differential Did you know that most thermostats have a temperature differential of plus or minus 2degrees? In other words, most systems will not turn on until the temperature is within 2degrees of the set point. For example, if your heating system is set for 72degrees, most systems will not turn on until the indoor temperature is 70degrees. This prevents the unit from turning on and off all the time for short periods of time. The majority of electricity used by your system is when it turns on, therefore, if your unit is turning on and off all the time, your utility bills will increase. In addition, it creates unnecessary wear and tear on your system. It is important to keep this in mind when reading your thermostat…read more →

Air Filter Changes

Keep your units blowing strong! AccuTemp reminds you to change your air filter regularly. It is important to change your air filter, or clean it if you have a washable air filter, at least every 30 days. Change Air Filters more often if Animals or Dirt are present Your air filter may need to be replaced, or cleaned, more often if you have animals, or if there is a considerable amount of dirt near your home. In those cases we recommend replacing or cleaning your air filter every 2 weeks. Animal dander and dirt tracked in from outside will plug your air filter more frequently. When the air filter is dirty your HVAC unit is not getting sufficient air and air flow is restricted. This can can lead to a multitude of other problems. Dirty Air Filter can cause a Frozen Coil One of the most common problems associated with dirty air filters is a plugged, or frozen, coil. The dirt from the dirty air filter gets sucked up in the coil and restricts it. A dirty or restricted coil makes your entire system work harder, by putting a strain on the operating components, causing unnecessary breakdown, as well as…read more →

Will my new AC system from AccuTemp save me money?

Will my new AC unit from AccuTemp save me money? Often when we quote a new ac unit for a customer, they want to know if their electricity bill is going to decrease. The energy efficiency of new ac units keeps getting better and better. It’s most likely that a new piece of equipment installed is going to be more efficient than what you have, particularly if your equipment is 10 years old, the difference is substantial. How much money does that relate to? That is really an individual thing. You can expect some savings in a home in which the majority of their power usage is their air conditioning or heating unit. They will experience a greater savings than in a home that has a lot of other appliances. You will expect a decrease and hopefully the power company doesn’t offset it by a rate increase.

Food prep room installation and maintenance by AccuTemp Refrigeration

Food prep room installation and maintenance by AccuTemp Refrigeration One area of expertise that AccuTemp has is food preparation rooms. When a room is refrigerated as opposed to air conditioned, because it needs to be kept very cool, as there are people in there working on food, chopping up the vegetables that you see in the grocery store. Because of the level of education and training of our service technicians, we are capable of even working on refrigerated food prep areas and rooms.

Ductwork: Does AccuTemp Refrigeration work on Ductwork?

Does AccuTemp Refrigeration work on Ductwork? Ductwork: Another area of concern is the ductwork, and whether it is properly sealed, and if it can be reused if new equipment is installed. This depends upon the nature of the ductwork. In some cases, pieces of it may need to be replaced to connect to the new equipment. It is very common for a new elbow or planum to be supplied with the installation of the equipment. The other thing that we will look at is if there’s any obvious leaks in the ductwork. A visual inspection is performed in case a piece of ductwork has fallen, or is no longer secure, and there would be leakage into the attic. What is Ductwork? – An Overview Ductwork is used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to provide and extract air. These airflows include, supply air, return air, and exhaust air. Ductwork is one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as heating or cooling requirements. MAIN DUCTWORK MATERIALS The main ducting materials used to construct rectangular, round, or oval cross-sectional shapes are: Galvanised steel Galvanised steel can easily be cut and bent to form ductwork so is the most…read more →

Does AccuTemp Refrigeration install Ductless Systems?

Ductless AC: Does AccuTemp Refrigeration install Ductless Systems? Ductless AC systems have replaced what we in Arizona used to call, window shakers. They’re an ideal solution for your garage, or your guest home, or perhaps the man cave that you need cooling or heating for, but is not necessarily ducted into the rest of the home. They are quiet and function much better than the old window units ever dreamed of. Ductless split systems provide targeted heating and cooling comfort when conventional central HVAC equipment is too costly or impractical to install. Widely adopted in Europe and Southeast Asia, ductless technology continues to gain popularity in the U.S. as consumers and businesses look for cost-effective alternatives to window units, PTACs (packaged terminal air conditioners) and inefficient ducted systems. Basic Components of a Ductless System So, how does ductless air conditioning work? In many respects, a ductless mini split operates in a similar manner to its ducted counterpart. In the refrigeration cycle, low-pressure gas is transformed into high-pressure gas by the action of a compressor. The heat is dissipated into the outdoors by the action of a forced air fan. The refrigerant then becomes a high-pressure liquid, and it is again…read more →

Should you get the first Apple HomeKit Devices?

What is HomeKit? If you haven’t heard much about Apple HomeKit you aren’t alone. It is a relatively new home automation protocol announced in 2014 when Apple came out with the iOS8 operating system for their iPhone’s and iPads. From the Wikipedia article on iOS8 HomeKit section: HomeKit is a database similar to HealthKit and PassKit that allows developers to make software that discovers, configures, communicates with and controls devices for home automation. Actions can be grouped together and can be initiated using Siri either from home or Apple TV. There are also the option for manufacturers of existing equipment to make gateways that connect equipment using their protocols to HomeKit, which includes equipment manufactured by Insteon.[Link] Since a lot of people have iOS8 installed this should be a pretty quick growing market with healthy margins. In the last month over 10% of traffic to our website was on devices running iOS8. If HomeKit works like most Apple protocols setup should be easy and reliable, unless you want to talk about Wifi on Yosemite. Ok so why are you talking about HomeKit now? Fair enough. Our company philosophy is to provide useful and relevant service and until June 2, 2015…read more →

2015 Pre-Season Air Conditioning Tune Up Special

Spring time means air conditioning tune up special Its the end of March which means its going to start getting consistently into the high 80’s and low 90’s. For many in Phoenix this means its time to start using the Air Conditioner again. The problem is that while you haven’t been using the AC this winter your equipment has still been exposed to the elements and other hazards that can cause it to either work inefficiently or not at all. Announcing the 2015 AccuTemp Pre-Season Air Conditioning Tune Up Special The AccuTemp Pre-Season Air Conditioning Tune Up Special is based on the Arizona Heat Pump Council‘s 16 Point Cooling System Checklist: Check thermostat operation Clean filter or replace (customer supplied) Check system temperature split Inspect fused disconnect Inspect wiring & tighten electrical connections Inspect contactors, relays and pressure controls Inspect electrical safety circuits Check voltage & amperage to all motors Inspect indoor blower & motor for dirt build up Inspect bearings & lubricate all moving parts (as required) Inspect belt & adjust tension (as required) Inspect & clean condensate drain (cooling only) or Check defrost operation (heating only) Inspect outdoor coil and advise customer Inspect duct seal at unit and…read more →

AccuTemp Refrigeration wins 2015 Carrier President’s Award

Carrier President’s Award highlights Phoenix AZ Residential Air Conditioning Experts AccuTemp refrigeration has been awarded the 2015 Carrier President’s Award for delivering the best sales and support to our customers. This means that Carrier, the largest air conditioner manufacturer in the world, has recognized and verified that we work for our customers to deliver the best solution for their needs and then follow up with unparalleled service & support. The Best Air Conditioning Service & Support for Phoenix AZ When you work with AccuTemp Refrigeration for your residential air conditioning needs you are getting the best of everything: AccuTemp Air Conditioning Technicians have extensive training: NATE tested and certified Master Heat Pump Technician Program from the Arizona Heat Pump Council HVAC System Consultant Series from the Arizona Heat Pump Council Over 30 years of expertise from coworkers and founder Bill Murley to gain real world expertise Are paid for their work and craftsmanship, NOT for selling more equipment!(Learn more here) Experience with Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration We have worked in every HVAC, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration environment/application/setup imaginable. We can help you regardless of the size and scope of your situation. For over 30 years we have…read more →

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance in Phoenix

Commercial refrigeration, such as commercial walk in coolers and walk-in freezers, are expensive, but supermarkets, restaurants and other food establishments cannot do without them. These businesses need to preserve perishables, so that they last longer. Regular maintenance is an important part of commercial refrigeration equipment because not only can the repairs be expensive, the perishables kept in the cooler or freezer could get spoiled quickly. If you notice a problem with your commercial walk in coolers or freezers and you are based in the Phoenix Metro area, you can rely on our expert technicians for repairs. Our technicians are well-trained and posses the skills required for carrying out repairs and servicing of commercial refrigeration. We also provide emergency service anywhere in the Phoenix Metro area. Usually, we suggest to all our customers to undertake preventive maintenance. This will help ensure that no major problems occur and your commercial refrigeration is always in proper working order. This will help your business tremendously, as perishables will stay fresh for a long time. Sometimes, something as simple as the magnetic cooler gasket may not seal the door of the commercial walk in coolers properly. This will cause the coolant inside the cooler to…read more →