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Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Phoenix, AZ | AccuTemp

At Accutemp, we fix a wide variety of commercial refrigeration systems because we know how critical it is that these systems run flawlessly all of the time, not just during business hours.

Our Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services

The team at AccuTemp can handle a variety of problems, including parts that fail, leaking components, cleaning, low air quality, and catastrophic system failures. 

When the AccuTemp team responds to a call for commercial refrigeration repair, we use a thorough checklist to diagnose the problem and give you options for repairs. Here are a few of the components we evaluate:

Compressors and Condensing Coils 

We look for malfunctioning components that may need cleaning. We may also need to create more space around the parts.

Air Ducts 

Ductwork can become blocked by dirt and debris that cuts off the airflow, a simple condition quickly corrected with cleaning.

Refrigerant Levels

Our professional team checks for leaks and makes sure that refrigerant levels are appropriate for most efficient operation.


If debris blocks your filters, they need to be cleaned or replaced. Filters that get dirty too quickly can indicate a more significant problem.


We check for the proper operation of all the fans that move the air through your commercial system.


The team at AccuTemp checks for motor malfunctions, damaged blades, and parts that may be deteriorating.

Why Choose AccuTemp for Commercial Refrigeration Repair?

AccuTemp has been taking good care of businesses in the Phoenix area for almost 40 years. When you work with us, you get a knowledgeable team of professionals who know how important it is to keep your commercial refrigeration system running at its peak. 

Any work completed by our team meets all environmental and safety guidelines to give you peace of mind. We present you with all your commercial refrigerator repair options before any work gets done so that you can make an informed decision for your business. Contact us today to get started on a plan to protect your business’s commercial refrigeration systems.

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