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Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance

Routine maintenance is crucial in order to extend the life of your heating equipment. Our heating maintenance services can help save you hefty repair costs that are often due to premature heating system failures. We can make sure your equipment and heating systems continue to operate at peak efficiency, resulting in lower monthly energy costs.

Of course there are many more issues that can come up for a heating system, but these listed are the most common we find. We have a plan designed to help save you money and energy by coming to your house twice a year. Once typically during the fall for the heating system, and once during the spring for the cooling system. We try to catch issues before the cold winter months set in as well as before the hot summer heat begins.

Here are a few of the problems that can occur when your heating systems are not properly maintained:

Worn out parts. If a part needs to be replaced and it is not when it should, having a bad part can cause more damage and make future repairs more expensive. Also not having parts cleaned and lubricated leads to more wear and tear and lessen your systems life expectancy and efficiency.

Cracked heat exchangers. Not only is this found during a tune-up, but this can be life threatening. It means carbon monoxide is leaking through your duct system when it should be blown into the atmosphere. We do CO tests during a tune-up to make sure there are no leaks into your home. Heat exchangers fail because of extreme heat caused by lack of maintenance and dirty indoor coils.

Bad igniter. The part gets a sudden spark of heat that is used to light the main burner. If the igniter is bad, the system will not function and allow the main burner to heat. A common life span for an igniter, even with proper maintenance, is only 3-5 years.

Blower motor is out. This is the part of your system that forces the warm air through the duct system and into your home. You would no longer feel any air out of your vents if this is not working. We oil the motor and check the amp draw during our maintenance checks.

Dirty Flame Sensors. This sensor senses the pilot flame which allows the gas burners to turn on. If this is not working, you will not have heat. During maintenance, we clean the sensor and ensure proper operation.

Clogged inducer motor. The motor may be dirty and cannot move. They can have leaves, trash, wasp nests, and dead insects that block the motor from turning. We inspect the inducer motor, lubricate and clean if necessary.

Dirty indoor coil. This is the evaporator coil. If the coil is dirty, it results in lack of air flow and causes overheating of the furnace. This can cause the furnace to shut down which can damage the heat exchanger. If the evaporator is dirty, it can also cause the heat exchanger to crack leaving carbon monoxide to come into your house. We check and clean the evaporator coils during an inspection.

Dirty Filters. Not having your filters changed every 30 days results in low air flow, more dust, and premature failure of your system. It creates more work for your system causing parts to weaken quicker.

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