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Home AC Maintenance Checklist

Home AC Maintenance Checklist

People who live in Phoenix understand the importance of a functioning air conditioner. In order for one to not only function properly but also have an extended life, regular maintenance needs to happen. It is important to follow an air conditioner maintenance checklist to avoid expensive repairs or even replacement.

Do-It-Yourself Checklist for Air Conditioning Maintenance

To keep your air conditioning unit running at its best, it is a good idea to follow this AC checklist during the high-temperature season.

Inspect AC unit: On a monthly basis, take a good look at the outdoor unit. Check for intact insulation and make sure everything looks in order.

Maintain air filters: The filter allows air to flow efficiently through the system. High use, dust and pet hair can build up dirt and debris faster than average. Inspect the air filter every month and clean it or replace it when necessary. This helps the air conditioner run easier, and it helps cut down on energy costs.

Keep outdoor unit free from debris: It is important to keep the area around the outdoor unit clean and unobstructed. Trim or take away bushes, branches, or other foliage that is covering the unit. There should be a radius of two feet around the unit, and this helps with accessibility and prevents debris from dropping into the unit and obstructing airflow.

Pour vinegar down drain line: Mold can build up in the condensate drain line. Once a year, pour vinegar that is mixed with an equal part of hot water down the line to clean it out. You can also use just hot water.

Professional Maintenance Items

While you can perform some regular maintenance, it is also necessary to hire a professional at least once a year or when you notice a problem. An AC professional may perform maintenance, such as:

Clean AC unit: Dirt reduces the unit’s efficiency and can wear down the mechanical parts over time. It is imperative the evaporator units and condenser coils are cleaned properly.

Check levels of refrigerant: If the refrigerant level is too low, the system has to work harder, which can wear down the unit quicker. The AC professional will top off the refrigerant level to improve efficiency. If the level is unusually low, a leak in the tubing may be the culprit, and this needs to be fixed.

Inspect electrical wiring: During the maintenance appointment, the electrical wiring and connections will be checked. The professional may measure the voltage, look for any damage and/or tighten the connections. This ensures the system is efficient and safe.

Inspect drains and pans: The condensate drain will be checked to make sure it is not obstructed in any way. If there is excess moisture or a clog present, the drain will be cleaned, and the obstruction removed.

Calibrate settings: If the thermostat controls and settings are not working properly, they will be calibrated to make sure the air conditioner cools to the correct programmed temperature.

Inspect air ducts: This may not be performed with every maintenance check, but it will be done if there is the inefficiency of the system, and another cause cannot be found. A leak in the ductwork causes a loss of air, and it needs to be insulated or sealed.

Lubricate: If your air conditioning unit contains moving parts, they need to have proper lubrication to diminish friction. Newer systems generally have parts that are sealed, so they do not require lubrication.

At AccuTemp we offer regular residential maintenance agreements for your Air Conditioning system to prevent just such a disaster. Our professionally trained technicians will test your equipment to ensure that it is operating accurately and reliably.

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