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Commercial Refrigeration Installation

Installing Commercial Refrigeration requires professional experience and knowledge. The equipment involved is much larger and more specialized than residential. Typically the configurations are custom one of a kind situations that involve extensive preparation and flawless execution. AccuTemp has been working with Commercial customers for over 30 years in Arizona. We have done big and small installation jobs all over the valley and can help you as well.

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AccuTemp Commercial AC Equipment Installation

Refrigeration Installation

Commercial Refrigeration installation requires a few steps as well to ensure you get what you need:

  1. We start by looking at your property layout and then determine what equipment will be required to meet your properties needs. Generally we are looking at a bar or kitchen solution which means we work closely with the managers and learn about their goals for the property.
  2. Once equipment is selected we plan out additional capacitor and motor requirements that may need remote installation on the roof or elsewhere.
  3. Finally we install the equipment on time and within budget.

Refrigeration Brands

We service all brands of refrigeration equipment such as:

  • Hoshizaki
  • Manitowoc
  • Kairak
  • OmniTemp
  • Federal
  • Traulsen
  • True
Call us today at 602-957-3745
Call us today at 602-957-3745