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Trane Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance and Repair Phoenix

Trane Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance and Repair Phoenix

Trane Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance. They’re all about air – cool air, warm air, clean air. As a world leader in air conditioning systems, services, and solutions, Trane controls the comfort of the air for people in homes and many of the world’s largest and most famous commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. At AccuTemp Refrigeration, we are applying Trane’s expertise in environmental technology and energy conservation to make a difference in energy efficiency around the globe.

Trane Products, Services, Brands, and Reputation

AccuTemp Refrigeration offers service on Trane’s broad range of energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; dehumidifying and air cleaning products; service and parts support; advanced building controls and financing solutions. Trane’s systems and services have leading positions in premium commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial markets; a reputation for reliability, high quality, and product innovation; and a powerful distribution network.

Do you have a Trane AC or Heating unit that needs Repair or Maintenance? AccuTemp Refrigeration’s NATE Certified Technicians can help ensure you get back up and running as quickly as possible. Our technicians are not commissioned so you do not have to worry about a sales pitch for repairs you do not need. We get to the problem quickly and fix it immediately.

Trane AC and Heating Maintenance and Service

AccuTemp Refrigeration offers a FREE on-site quote and estimate service for any Trane AC or heating equipment. This allows us to fully understand your requirements and needs so that you get the right solution, nothing more and nothing less.

Advanced Thermostats

Some people like to dictate every nuance of their climate, from humidity to temperature. Some like remote access to tinker with temperature and save money even when they’re not at home. Individuals like to specify preferences in eight different rooms. And some people simply don’t want to have to think about it at all. This is why the Trane line of thermostats and controls has something for everyone—including you.

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