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Fair Price Guarantee for HVAC Services in Phoenix

Fair Price Guarantee for HVAC Services in Phoenix

We’re so confident that we have the best prices in the Valley, we’re willing to guarantee it! Our fair price guarantee pertains only to goods and services provided by AccuTemp Refrigeration in Phoenix and can be discontinued at any time. We guarantee that our prices are within 10% of 4 equal competitors for identical goods and services, or we will pay you the difference.

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The four competitive contractors must be licensed and bonded in this state and operating out of a business address. Our definition of a fair price is the sum of all four identical written bids totaled and divided by 4. We at AccuTemp Refrigeration in Phoenix guarantee the price you pay us will be within 10% of that fair price.

To be eligible for this guarantee, you must have purchased goods or services from AccuTemp Refrigeration within 3 months of the competitive proposals. The average price of all four of these proposals must be less than our price in excess of 10% and meet the qualifying rules listed above.

In the event this should happen, this customer would receive a rebate from AccuTemp Refrigeration within 30 days of being able to verify the claim. The amount paid will total the difference of the market fair price and the price you paid AccuTemp Refrigeration.

Claims must be submitted to AccuTemp Refrigeration in Phoenix within 30 days of receiving goods and services being claimed.