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Priority Service Agreement

Priority Service Agreement

The AccuTemp Priority Service Agreement is a 12-month service program that includes:

  • 2 Precision Tune Ups
  • 15% discount on repairs year round

Should your system fail within 60 days of the Precision Tune Up from something we did not bring to your attention, we’ll make the repair and not charge for labor! Stop paying money to companies to do maintenance, only to be charged full price for a repair three months later. Get our Priority Service Agreement today!


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Priority Service Agreement Information

For more details on the Priority Service Agreement Guarantee, contact our customer service department at 602-957-3745.

  • Maintained systems last longer.
  • A well-maintained system is more energy efficient.
  • Having your system maintained is the best way to avoid breakdowns.
  • Maintenance is the best way to prevent minor repairs from causing major ones when left unchecked.
  • Manufacturers, utilities and consumer publications all recommend regular maintenance.
  • This program meets/exceeds all such recommendations.
  • We stand behind our work with the exclusive Priority Service Agreement Guarantee!

Quality Control Audit

  • Outdoor unit properly installed and level
  • Indoor unit properly installed and level
  • Indoor coil properly installed and level
  • Accessories properly installed
  • Air cleaner(s) properly installed
  • Drain line(s) installed and tested
  • Gas piping properly installed and tested
  • Refrigerant piping properly installed and tested
  • All low voltage wiring properly installed and tested
  • All line voltage wiring properly installed and tested
  • All insulation complete and secured
  • All duct work complete and sealed
  • All penetrations sealed
  • Furnace venting complete, secured, and checked
  • Combustion air intake installed and working
  • All pilots lit (hot water heater, other appliances)
  • Electrical panel secure, breakers in proper position
  • Condensate pump installed and operating properly
  • Humidifier operation and drain checked
  • Electronic air cleaner operationally tested
  • Supply air register installed, adjusted, and level
  • Return air grill installed and level
  • Thermostat operationally checked and level
  • Blower set for proper air flow
  • Measure cooling supply and return temperatures
  • Measure heating supply and return temperatures
  • Operating temperatures recorded within limits
  • Operating pressures recorded and within limits
  • Variable air flow dip switches properly set
  • Emergency phone numbers provided
  • All areas cleaned to customer’s satisfaction
  • All homeowner manuals provided
  • Customer instructed in system operation

AccuTemp Refrigeration offers a top-of-the-line service agreement plan for our customers in Maricopa County. We’ll conduct an initial evaluation and then give you options for making any needed repairs. Contact us today to learn more about our priority service agreements.