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Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

AccuTemp Commercial Refrigeration Repair covers a wide variety of commercial refrigeration systems for a variety of business clients. We understand how critical it is that these systems are running flawlessly all of the time, not just during business hours, but all of the time. Beyond the immediate cost of losing food inventory you also have to be concerned about various regulations and the well being of your customers. AccuTemp understands these pressures and is ready to deliver your repairs on a moments notice.

AccuTemp offers the following Commercial Refrigeration Repair solutions:

  • Walk in coolers and freezers
  • Glass door display coolers freezers
  • Combination coolers and freezers
  • Drive in refrigerators and freezers
  • Cooler/freezer panels
  • Industrial ice machines

The following is a short list of some common repair problems that we can quickly resolve:

  • Failure of fan motors caused by dirty coils restricting air flow.
  • Failure of thermostat caused by high amp draw due to dirty condenser coils.
  • Failure of compressor caused by dirty condenser coil & excessive head pressure.
  • Restriction of capillary tubing (metering device) caused by refrigerant oil overheating & fouling.
  • Wiring burning & failing due to excessive amp draw caused by high head pressure & dirty condenser coils.
  • Increased electrical consumption & amp draw due to longer run times caused by dirty condenser coils.

Here are a few of the Brands that we work with:

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