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Thermostat Not Working?

Thermostat Not Working?

In our homes and businesses, we control our air conditioning systems with a thermostat. It’s a modern word based on two ancient Greek ones: thermo (meaning heat) and statos (which means standing and is related to words like stasis, status quo, and static—meaning to stay the same). When our home is too hot, the thermostat switches on the air conditioning so things quickly cool down; once the temperature reaches the level we’ve set, the thermostat switches the AC off so we don’t freeze. When your air conditioner thermostat is not working the temperature is not staying at the level you have selected.

Thermostat not working? Consider the following:

The thermostat is a critical piece of technology in any home or business, especially in the Phoenix summer. An improperly working thermostat may cause a room to be too warm or too cold. If it is too warm then people will be uncomfortable and possibly sweaty. This may cause guests or customers to leave and will make family members and co-workers short-fused. If the AC is running too cold then you are wasting power and money.

Problem #1: Thermostat is Placed in Direct Sunlight

Is your home cooling all summer long? You may have this common thermostat problem. Watch your thermostat throughout the day and see if it comes in direct sunlight at any point, especially when your home is uncomfortable. Thermostats in direct sunlight can give false readings of high temperatures, which causes your heater to shut off prematurely or not turn on at all and your air conditioner to continue to run.

Problem #2: Thermostat is too Close to Heat Sources

This common thermostat problem is similar to the first, in that in usually manifests itself as an unusually cold home. Just as direct sunlight can cause false high readings by your thermostat, placement too close to a heat source like an oven, stove, or fireplace will cause your thermostat to register higher temperatures.

Problem #3: Thermostat is Not in a Central Location

Is one side of your home always warmer or cooler than the rest? Then you may have this thermostat problem. For optimum comfort, it is recommended that your thermostat is placed in a central location (usually a hallway). This allows for even temperature distribution.
Hot and cold spots can also be caused by a variety of other problems. If your home has consistently uneven temperatures, you may want to consider zoning your home.

Problem #4: Thermostat is Dirty

Over time, dust can accumulate on the inside of your thermostat. A buildup of dust and debris causes the contacts inside to give inaccurate temperature readings. You can fix this common thermostat problem simply by removing the plastic housing and brushing away the dirt with a very soft brush.

Problem #5: Thermostat is Old, Inaccurate or Broken

Thermostats are small and hardy products that can last for years, but occasionally they do need to be replaced. If your home’s thermostat still uses mercury, you may want to consider upgrading to a more accurate digital model like the Cor Thermostat from Carrier. By purchasing and using a new programmable thermostat, you could save money and have a more comfortable home.

What Now? Next Steps

If you determine that your Thermostat is in a bad location or needs to be replaced you should consider hiring a specialist in Air Conditioning technology to review your entire system. The thermostat is just one piece of your cooling system. If the thermostat was built into the wrong location of your home or business then the installer may have overlooked other concerns such as:

  • The size of your AC unit
  • The location of your AC Unit
  • The size of your ducting
  • Drainage location and effectiveness
  • Other complications in the building

At AccuTemp Refrigeration we have over 35 years of experience with air conditioner thermostats not working in the Phoenix AZ and the surrounding area. Our technicians are non commissioned which means they are there to do the work you have hired them for. They are also NATE certified which means they have met rigorous testing by a third party so that you know an expert is coming to your home or business.

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