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How Does a Thermostat Work?

How Does a Thermostat Work?

The thermostat on your air conditioning/heating system is the most obvious part of your system. It is probably located in the hallway of your home or some other central area. Homes with multiple systems often have more than one.

What Is A Temperature Differential?

Did you know that most thermostats have a temperature differential of plus or minus 2 degrees? In other words, most systems will not turn on until the temperature is within 2 degrees of the set point. For example, if your heating system is set for 72 degrees, most systems will not turn on until the indoor temperature is 70 degrees. This prevents the unit from turning on and off all the time for short periods of time.

The majority of electricity used by your system is when it turns on, therefore, if your unit is turning on and off all the time, your utility bills will increase. It also creates unnecessary wear and tear on your system. It is important to keep this in mind when reading your thermostat and wondering when the equipment is going to start to run again or shut down. You may want to set it a few degrees cooler or warmer than optimal in order to maintain optimal comfort. Overall, thermostat temperature differentials save your unit and your wallet!

The Thermostat Turns The System On & Off

The thermostat on your home or business system is simply a way to turn the system on or off based upon the temperature of the space being air conditioned or heated. The thermostat DOES NOT change the temperature of the air coming through your air vents. This is commonly misunderstood. Some people think that if they turn the thermostat down very low, the space will cool off sooner. It will not. Nor will the space heat up quicker if the thermostat is turned up high. The temperature setting is the degree (plus or minus 2degrees) that the systems maintains by turning on/off. The thermostat works more like the temperature setting on your oven. Set it at your desired temperature and it will be the work of maintaining that temperature with 2degrees.

AccuTemp offers many different types of thermostats. Many of our customers are very happy with the wifi thermostats such as Carrier’s Cor. The ability to set temperature remotely can increase comfort and result in cost savings. Call the professionals at AccuTemp 602-957-3745 for information regarding thermostats.

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