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How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?

Keep your units blowing strong! AccuTemp wants remind you to change your air filter regularly in Phoenix, AZ. It is important to change your air filter, or clean it if you have a washable air filter, at least every 30 days.

Change Air Filters more often if Animals or Dirt are present

Your air filter may need to be replaced, or cleaned, more often if you have animals, or if there is a considerable amount of dirt near your home. In those cases we recommend replacing or cleaning your air filter every 2 weeks. Animal dander and dirt tracked in from outside will plug your air filter more frequently. When the air filter is dirty your HVAC unit is not getting sufficient air and air flow is restricted. This can can lead to a multitude of other problems.

Dirty Air Filter can cause a Frozen Coil

One of the most common problems associated with dirty air filters is a plugged, or frozen, coil. The dirt from the dirty air filter gets sucked up in the coil and restricts it. A dirty or restricted coil makes your entire system work harder, by putting a strain on the operating components, causing unnecessary breakdown, as well as increase the cost of your electric and/or gas bill.  Running your air conditioning/heating system with a dirty filter is similar to breathing when you are congested. It takes much more effort to push the air through.

Change and Clean Air Filters Regularly

Save yourself time and money by getting your air filter cleaned, or replaced, on a regular basis. AccuTemp can provide a quote for disposable air filters. We also offer electronic air cleaners. The common sizes of disposable air filters, such as 20 x 20, can be purchased at most hardware stores. AccuTemp can help with specialty sizes. Our technicians are happy to change your air filters as part of a pre-season inspection or emergency service call. Call AccuTemp at 602-957-3745, we are here to help.

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